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Falling Down (3:49)

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  • baggy as fuck
  • this song is awesome. just awesome.
  • instantly liking this one!
  • Forgot what a blast this is
  • Opening riff reminds me of Death in Vegas.
  • Excellent.
  • that intro
  • "Whoa brother that's a real nasty raw riff"
  • groveeeeeee guitar
  • guitarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • iyers, i dont know where you were in 90-2 but the short-lived scene that was composed mainly of the early, guitar-effect heavy work of chapterhouse, ride, lush, slowdive and moose was definitely referred to as shoegazing (from their proclivity for spending more time looking at their effects pedals than the audience) at the time, together with the term 'scene that celebrates itself' (due to the fact that the bands all quoted each others' stuff as among the best out at the time). Sure, the term has been coopted since to include totally dissimilar bands like mazzy star and galaxie 500 amongst a million others, but i guess we cant control what later generations do with our own terminology, annoying as it may be for a while. That said falling down was obviously chosen as their first single due to its err 'groovy' (cringe..) wah wah, what with the indie dance thing still being so popular at the time, as you mention.
  • ah to be standing only 5 feet from the Charlatans on stage again.....
  • Really starting to appreciate these guys.
  • they had me a soon as the strings started bending!! B)
  • Amazing!
  • MADchester time machine please
  • On it's release this was clearly an attempt to fit in with the tidal wave of what was known at the time as "indie-dance" mainly brought about by the likes of The Stone Roses, Paris Angels, Primal Scream and Happy Mondays et al mxing guitars with breakbeats...only later has the (intially joke term) shoegaze (note no r on the end) been liberally applied to this period of British Indie Rock by our American chums.... I had to get that off of my chest! :P
  • lovely.
  • dat wah
  • <3
  • Baggy Madchester sound,from start to finish. Nothing wrong with that tho`.
  • These photos make me giggle, this came out around 1991.
  • i could giggle, dance, and make love to this song, all the fucking time.
  • This is what my childhood sounded like.
  • yeah, it has that twangy guitar sound, but there were several bands doing that around the time this and U2's 'Mysterious Ways' came out (The Farm, Black Grape, Electronic just to name a few). Guess it was one of those trademark sounds of the era ('91-'94)
  • wwwwwwwwonderful !w!!w!!w! Lead in is def U2
  • is that Wah wah riff sampled from another song? it's sounds so fucking famillar.
  • whirlpool is centered in shoegaze, but this track was very madchester meets shoegazer
  • Rave culture aftermath, at least for me.
  • I still have this on repeat.
  • wha! wha! ... hey! bang her ecstasy sister ray
  • oh yeah !
  • makes me wanna shuffle a bit more than I normally do
  • swivel spike strike on the right
  • fricken ace, it is so early 90's!!!
  • Choooooon x
  • Top Tune
  • eww i hate this! bummer
  • awesome
  • I love this soooooooooooong!
  • Nice song.
  • good
  • this is the single from this album, right? i love it, but it wasn't my fav track, so many good songs on this... def worth exploring for shoegazers

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