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  • The best performance at Temples Festival, these guys did a really good show.
  • Ahhh ok, I'll have to check out their old band then, I thought it was pretty cool. Didn't feel gimicky at all.
  • They also set up a very dense fog with smoke machines so you can only see their silouhettes and these light beams coming from their heads. I think it's pretty cool.
  • The red lights thing comes from the singer and guitarist's previous band Mihai Edrisch, they used to do that for their shows.
  • I saw/heard these guys for the first time at Temples this weekend and they were fucking heavy, really good live. Does anyone know the reasoning behind the red headlights?
  • I can't believe these dudes are finally coming to the U.S. Going to buy fifty pounds of merch.
  • French sludge is devine
  • Holy hell, I knew I shouldn't have ignored my black metal friend's recommendations. This is my kind of dreary.
  • \\/ pretty sure that isn't gonna happen on this very short US tour. I'm hoping Celeste and Dragged Into Sunlight can finally hit every corner of the States by the end of 2016...waiting for these bands to come around isn't too fun

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