• About my iTunes playlist called "CD Against Todd Bentley"

    Ott 27 2008, 15:20 di Arwen4CJ

    This journal entry is a continuation of a discussion that I am having with a person who has commented on my Spiritual Warfare journal entry.

    To provide some background information, I do not agree with Todd Bentley's teachings or the Lakeland revival. Another user saw my comments about Todd Bentley, and this other user strongly supports him and his teachings. We have been commenting back and forth on my journal entry.

    However, our discussion has taken us to a place in which I now have to defend myself in regard to my iLike account profile. The subject is that I have a playlist on iTunes, which is on my iLike profile. It is called "CD Against Todd Bentley."

    In our discussion I was attempting to provide links so that the other user could listen to the sermons that I used in that playlist, but no matter what I did, last.fm was changing the URL links to the sermons to spam. The only way that I could think of to correct the problem was to start a new journal entry so that I could directly link.
  • God Reigns

    Lug 5 2008, 16:17 di Arwen4CJ

    I love Delirious' song "Our God Reigns." The part I like best goes like this:

    "Our God Reigns, forever Your kingdom reigns. Our God reigns, forever Your kingdom reigns."

    I was going through all the songs I have and finding mp3's of them for my online pods. I decided to put all the songs that had to do with the gopsel message together...as I was doing that and listening to thes songs at the same time, this theme stuck out to me more than ever before. This is a theme that has been made more and more clear to me over the past year.

    For me as a Christian, this is an awesome concept to think about. First of all, it's all over the entire Bible, both the OT and the NT. It's a huge deal, because it means that God reigns over everything. Jesus being both the Messiah and God (2nd Person of the Trinity) allows God to reign supremely. It's a concept that I don't even know if I can describe...but it's really powerful to try and think about.