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I Cannibal Corpse sono un band death metal/brutal death metal statunitense formata nel 1988 a Buffalo, NY (USA) da Chris Barnes (voce), Bob Rusay (chitarra), Jack Owen (chitarra), Alex Webster (basso), e Paul Mazurkiewicz (batteria).

Nel 1989 i Cannibal Corpse si esibiscono per la prima volta dal vivo e successivamente registrano un demo di cinque canzoni, dopo questo primo concerto vengono contattati dalla Metal Blade…

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  • Ahhhh shed up, petitions don't work! CC rules!
  • Alex is the best thing out of this band.
  • What does everyone think of Alex Webster's ultra sick and ultra fast mini bass solo in Addicted to Vaginal Skin? Dayum! It rules!
  • I love 'em more than Slayer, Megadeth, Manowar, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and even Psychostick (bleh, listen to Spazztic Blurr and Crotchduster for real comedic metal!)! Wow, I seriously cannot get enough of A Skeletal Domain! I'm gonna keep on listening to it many times as usual until CC releases something new and then I'll listen to that new release a lot too! Then I'll have fun going to their concerts when they come to my vicinity. :D
  • When I was a wee liberal, I never thought much of Cannibal Corpse until I read their immensely misogynistic lyrics. Then I decided to hate them. Upon reflection, however, what I really hate about this band is its falseness. They studied metal in the early 1990s, and came up with a pre-chewed version. Taking their style from Suffocation, and their songwriting from Malevolent Creation, they bashed out these simple hymns and instead of having an idea behind them like “only death is real,” they just tried to be offensive and gross. How junior high school! Even more, they have gotten more repetitive and grind-you-down-with-simple-stuff as they years have gone on. I couldn’t hate this band more. But, having met them and seen they are nice intelligent fellows, my only conclusion can be that this band is a pure money-maker — and they about admitted as much.
  • My favorite record for all time of these guys is Evisceration Plague. Such a precious album!
  • I wonder what Chuck Schuldiner would have thought of Cannibal Corpse recordings recorded between 2002-2014.
  • CC puts on the best shows ever. They're so amazing live and they have been performing amazing shows since their first show in 1989. Their show at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY was intense as fuck.
  • One of the most intense performances I've been lucky enough to see twice... Corpsegrinder is everything a death metal vocalist has to be

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