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Can (The Can fino al 1970) sono un gruppo musicale, fondato in Germania nel 1968, il cui prodotto spazia tra vari generi e stili di musica moderna, genericamente individuabili nell'avanguardia sperimentale con caratteri di rock, elettronica e free che prende il nome di kosmik-rock o anche krautrock.
Fondati a Colonia nel 1968 inizialmente con il nome di Inner Space Production per iniziativa di Holger Czukay (bassista trentenne…

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  • The best with Coil
  • If you still don't get it, keep on trying
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • un-fucking-believable sounds
  • the best band ever
  • Really getting into The Lost Tapes,lately.As for the VU argument,yes on the first couple of albums,although they still were more out there on both.No contest,though.Can are supreme in comparison.
  • new worst shoutbox.
  • Can's dicks > Velvet Underground's dicks.
  • What's with all the VU vs. Can dick measuring? I didn't realize people considered the two as being all that similar. Can made long, hypnotic jams developed through improvisation and tape editing; The Velvet Underground mostly made traditional (if unconventional) songs. The Velvet Underground also placed a much stronger emphasis on its lyrical content. I don't really think there's a huge amount of similarity between the two.

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