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  • bands that are too cool for school

    Nov 14 2010, 1:45 di iouemptywaves

    hey guys. i was just thinking....people should listen to better music. there are tons of crappy rap and pop songs swarming the media these days. i wishwishwish so badly that movies, tv shows, iTunes, etc. would promote music that you know, doesn't suck.

    here is some music that is awesome. you should check it out.

    1. Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
    I love them. The lead singer, Tracy Ann Campbell, has such a charming, sad, Scottish voice and it makes my heart cry. These are total rainy day songs and I lovelovelove it.
    Favorite Song: James

    2. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
    Don't even try to compare #1 and #2 because they are nothing alike. I realize that this is a HUGE jump in genres but Crystal Castles is amazing. I love it because it's such heavy techno and you cannot, even if you try, understand what Alice Glass is saying. Looking up the lyrics for some of these songs (to see what people think she's singing) is quite hilarious.
    Favorite Song: Untrust Us
    tied with my other Favorite: Crimewave
  • Атмосфера 19 <22.05.2009>

    Mag 22 2009, 18:07 di mayskaya

    (01) Camera Obscura * James * My Maudlin Career * 2009
    (02) Asobi Seksu * Gliss * Hush * 2009
    (03) A Place To Bury Strangers * Don’t Think Lover * A Place To Bury Strangers * 2007
    (04) Lou Rhodes * Fortress * Beloved One * 2006
    (05) Кто-то Падает * За Её Глазами
    (06) Легендарные Пластилиновые Ноги * Не Больно-Больно * Космонавтам * 2009
    (07) The Radio Dept. * Bachelor Kisses * FYN 51 * 2007
    (08) Dakota Suite * Divided * Songs For A Barbed Wire Fence * 1998
    (09) The Chameleons * nathans phase * The Fan And The Bellows * 1986
    (10) Snowden * Like Bullets * Anti-Anti * 2006
    (11) Devendra Banhart * Shabop Shalom * Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon * 2007
    (12) The Smiths * Rubber Ring * Louder Than Bombs * 1987
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 4

    Apr 30 2009, 12:53 di CvaldaVessalis

    Sat 11 Apr – Röyksopp

    Will be keeping the gig review this month to a bare minimum due to the influx of new music I managed to get hold of, but needless to say, both Röyksopp and Fever Ray in particular were on fine form at London's Royal Festival Hall. At the gig's end, as the loutier of the concert-going patrons were filing out of the seated venue, most could be heard to say, with all of the eloquence of a bulldog licking piss off of a nettle "it's not the best place for a rave, is it?" I was tempted to turn around and say that, given the amount of people standing up and throwing their limbs around during the Röyk's set, it didn't really matter, but quickly remembered there was a short time window before I would have to get the nightbus back to my local pub.

    Flashing back to the beginning of the night, I made it to the venue with a little over half-an-hour for drinks before Fever went onstage, to find that I was near enough sitting on the stage itself directly above the sound engineer's desk (thank you…
  • Camera Obscura levererar

    Apr 21 2009, 15:51 di popphenrik

    Det är verkligen kul att kreddiga Pitchfork utnämner Camera Obscura
    My Maudlin Career (2009) till Best New Music.

    De levererar, som vanligt, elegant och melankolisk pop som man inte tröttnar på i första taget. Och, som vanligt, producerar Jari Haapalainen med den äran. Det går inte annat än att älska detta band. 99 spänn inklusive frakt via CDWOW var ett riktigt fyndpris. Just nu gillar jag alldeles särskilt låten James. Är det en hyllning till agent Bond?

    Ps. För att komplettera denna skönsång köpte jag Fondlecorpse - Creaturegore (2009). Bullrig, slamrig dödsmetall. Mums.