• Hooray for Cake

    Ago 13 2005, 22:45 di fnnkybutt

    Cake goes Indy

    A short quote from the article...

    "I think because we're not huge veins bulging from our necks people think we must be joking," continues McCrea, who is a master of deadpan vocals. "We're not joking. There's more hate in our heart than Creed and Nickelback combined. I hear a lot of music and it sounds like monsters. I don't believe it. It's mass-produced, registered-trademark anger."

    So what does Cake have to be so angry about? Evidently members feel their major label, Columbia Records, hasn't been exactly forthright with the band, and boy, does that make McCrea upset.

    "I think the business models of major record labels are corrupt," says McCrea. "Where I come from we call it stealing. They call it accounting practices. What happens is money is held back (by the record label), more money than would be legal. To get that money, you have to do an audit, and to do an audit you have to agree not to sue them. Say (the record label) owes the band $300,000. …