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  1. Immagine per 'Domes of the World'

    Domes of the World

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  2. Immagine per 'Sonatas for VHS'

    Sonatas for VHS

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  3. Immagine per 'Tropisms'


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  4. Immagine per 'Permutopia'


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  5. Immagine per 'Ripoja akmens'

    Ripoja akmens

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  6. Immagine per 'Touch Me'

    Touch Me

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  7. Immagine per 'Tic Tic Tac'

    Tic Tic Tac

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  8. Immagine per 'Say What You Say'

    Say What You Say

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  9. Immagine per 'Don't You Love Me'

    Don't You Love Me

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  10. Immagine per 'Be Master In One's Own House'

    Be Master In One's Own House

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  11. Immagine per 'Tropisms I-VI'

    Tropisms I-VI

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