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  • Avatar di shaunsayers
    The Buzzcocks are for me the best riff band of all time
  • Avatar di miserific
    "it’s about cars " couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Avatar di Storchel
    Loooove it!!
  • Avatar di EdwardioNortano
    I hate fast cars, fast cars
  • Avatar di mudhoneyman
    poso gamw...
  • Avatar di borra_cuervo
    WTF is that about Ralph Nader, was he already running for president back then?
  • Avatar di skmelanie
    "Sooner or later, you're going to listen to Ralph Nader." I think our presidential elections have indicated otherwise.
  • Avatar di LostInRadiohead
    fast cars are ok, let them alone !!
  • Avatar di seaweedgirle
    LOVE the Ralph Nader line...
  • Avatar di markmumble
    I have loads of Buzzcocks I filmed years ago and have now uploaded to my youtube channel Mylittletelly

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