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Dog Shelter (2:59)

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  • the everything
  • Bitter Lake
  • Love this!
  • lucky dogs..
  • this is 50 shades of cray :D
  • ws art alo goung to Die
  • @Gyprocs Seriously. I could just drift...
  • top track
  • Dog obsession.
  • lol @ those lyrics on the right :~ [2] Why on earth are there Slipknot lyrics?
  • lol @ those lyrics on the right :~
  • Earthly.
  • it is not.. sit putosde and look at the stars.. you will feel more conected
  • meu q medo dessa musica
  • haunting
  • ooff.
  • Why do I feel like this song is a remix of "Haddaway - What Is Love"... ?
  • this song should be an hour long
  • cant go wrong.
  • Pure emotion. Chills fucking all over.
  • etherial
  • finally i hear it here at LOVE!
  • the sample at 1:06 is like the last cry of a dying man. Gives me goosebumps.
  • Sublime.
  • eerie.....
  • Those chants remind me of MCMXC a.D.
  • Will likes dogs.
  • its bringing up some hard memories right now, but the sounds are too soothing to ignore
  • I can guarantee this has something to do with Battersea Dog Home, in South London.
  • burial is the reason why i started to produce music an my desire is to collaborate with him once in my live.
  • I love the atmosphere.
  • magical....
  • I've been listening to dubstep for the past hour or so. This is the first song I've liked in the genre. You converted a non-believer. Well done.
  • I cry every time.
  • This song is just unreal.
  • 8-)
  • Insane track! Conveys so many emotions, harmonious and conflicting <3 If it can be described... how I *feel* this track... it's like opening my being and letting all my atoms spread to the World Soul... and then flow back through my essence(who AM I?) and this ebb and flow continues all through the track and at the very end I find an ever so slightly melancholic Nirvana. Sound crazy, new-agey? Well, I can find no other way to describe this brilliant piece of musical existence... its just magic: ordinary words can't possibly do it justice <3 Best I've heard in quiiite a while(tha's why I'm so hyped maybe, but still... :'> ) Perfect!
  • The words that I can put together when hearing this...bone chillingly piece-full.
  • So cold and so warm at the same time. Sublime piece of music.
  • <3
  • This track feels like being born again (I guess)
  • one of my favorite albums ever
  • "Untrue" is the sh*t!
  • haunting
  • magical [2]
  • <3
  • kicking rocks down a concrete ramp at a quarry at 3:00 AM with the flood lights in the distance. Just you and a friend and possibly some alcohol. that's what I'm hearing in this song


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