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Bullet for My Valentine

Spit You Out (4:07)

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  • The Poison is by far the best album. Temper Temper is a bit meh.
  • 0__0
  • Nice
  • not alternative, it is melodic metalcore
  • I love bullet c: they were one of the first alternative bands I got into :')
  • nice
  • bad ass song keep wrighten
  • I am what I am! so I spit you out <3
  • Love It *_*
  • Pretty cool
  • I AMMM WHAT I AAMMMM!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOD I love that..
  • {L}
  • даже если и эмо то пох всё равно качает))))
  • Love it
  • что вы всё кик да кик норм пают )
  • Bullet for My Valentine is so fking amazing...
  • This song is fuckin AMAZING live!
  • this song kicks ass all the time :)
  • i love this song BFMV is the best
  • Lift my spirits, nice song.
  • not a fan of scream aim fire, but know almost all the lyrics to the songs off poison.
  • NOT EMO -.-
  • YEHHHH!!!
  • Not my fave, but still nice.
  • I love the song.
  • Love the live part on this track!
  • One of their best songs \m/
  • sweeet
  • Nice! good band!! xD love the hardcore and post hard core, emo core <3o<3 yeah!!!! this is my e-mail add me boys and girls xD VIVA BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE ^^_!
  • Not one of their best, but still rocks
  • sickk
  • it's metalcore, not emocore. Their new album is more metal.
  • emocore lol? :D
  • This is METALCORE!!!!NOT emo or emocore!!!!!!!!
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  • "i am what i am so i SPIT YOU OUT!!!"
  • hä?ich wusste gar nich dass es des gibt...also kanns nicht auf the poison sein oder?
  • Good song. Found with Pandora :)
  • spit you out
  • schönes lied, kannte ich vorher gar nicht xD
  • Amazing song!
  • cooooool!!!!
  • Like this song and like the new album!
  • nienawidze ich
  • dupa dupa dupa jaś. to English ass, ass, ass ... Zajebista kapela "This cool music" i huj :D and dick ;D
  • Oh how I miss when the band sounded like this. The Poison was so good!!! The new CD doesn't even come close to this.
  • its by far their best
  • Man, this track rocks! Its really nice to hear that Bullt for My Valentine has moved towards becoming a hard rock band, instead of some sad emo..


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