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Buffy Sainte-Marie

My Country 'tis of Thy People You're Dying (6:49)

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Now that your big eyes have finally opened
Now that you're wondering how must they feel
Meaning them that you've chased across
America's movie screens

Testo di Buffy Sainte-Marie - My Country 'tis of Thy People You're Dying


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  • blue, white and scarlet hypocrisy.
  • No song has ever ripped through me as this did during my first listen. Hauntingly powerful.
  • This deserves so many more listens.
  • I still have to argue with people that, YES, we treated (and continue to treat) Natives as less than human. 'But they're a defeated people!' they squawk. No shit. Who do you think put them there? When you're overpowered, and this new government that's all for freedom and liberty and all these other amazing things promises they'll make up for all the wrong they caused you, and /continue/ to give you the last and the least of everything - and people /sanction/ this! - I'd be pretty fucking pissed too. Buffy fights the good fight. And @trikky, that's the best line. I'd get that printed up on a shirt if I wouldn't be beaten to a bloody pulp.
  • Gutted she didn't play this live tonight...
  • What I can't get over is the way she stares unblinking at the camera while singing this on Pete Seeger's show. Even the camera can't keep eye contact with her. Buffy is just that awesome.
  • Choke on your blue, white and scarlet hypocrisy.
  • Aah very true words, Brethren. It is strange to be standing by so few when such soulful sounds are among us on this page. It seems to make her even more precious.....
  • This vacuum shout box ought to be filled, people. This song shreds hearts, whips blood. This is America for me. Buffy is a genius. A dark side of mine hopes she remains unknown and undiscovered, so I can keep her for myself.......

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