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  • Avatar di Force_of_Will
    The first time I sucked a cock this very song was playing in the background. It doesn't remind me of that though. It just conjures images of standing in line at Home Depot, high on bath salts and sweating uncontrollably, wondering desperately if I was hallucinating when I ate that guy's face.
  • Avatar di Jachiros
    The first time I experienced oral sex this song was playing in the background lol This will forever remind me of it. Oh the 90's :P
  • Avatar di johnstangg1
    dudes look like washed up old rockers
  • Avatar di mojozlizard
    awesome song
  • Avatar di peeves111
    this is not good buckcherry. i agree with pudd. doesnt suit them at all.
  • Avatar di odczyn
  • Avatar di Mikkosgirl
    Y'know, why comment on a song or anything if you're just going to be negative?
  • Avatar di IvoryLine13
    I Love Cocaine!
  • Avatar di jars80
    awesome song!!!!!! excellent!! brilliant!!!
  • Avatar di demonspeed1102
    gogojello is a pioneer for stupid whores who have no idea what a great rock 'n' roll band sounds like, apparently. Buckcherry rules, and For the Movies is a great song.

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