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  • The Feeling of Flying new song out from Ali.
  • allahu akbar
  • His flow is great. Reminds me of Masta Ace.
  • One of the dopest out
  • He's a god
  • Dear Brother Ali fans! I made a remix of Brother Ali's EP "The Truth is Here". It's my tribute to my favorite rapper Brother Ali! He even retweeted it on twitter. Give it a listen, let me know what you think and share it with your fellow Brother Ali fans.
  • The Undisputed Truth лучший,даже без вариков
  • Dude is so underrated.
  • Rain Water still my favorite song by this cat.
  • please continue your back and forth discussion on your own shout pages. :) ty
  • Had a really good interview with Brother Ali recently on literature, the current state of hip-hop and the dominant societal narrative:
  • v Yeah because joking about his skin color for the millionth time is the way to go.. I was just showing my love to Ali with a little side critique, and i agree on my post oversimplifying a very complex subject matter. But fuck, you both grotesqly misunderstood me... "Not even to speak more concretely how shallow is to say that most believers who do not follow the dogmas of the Holy Books do so because they realize "that they have violent parts" Where did you get THAT from?
  • You're an idiot only for the fact that you trying to express smart "fact" opinions where they don't belong. By putting that into four sentences you extremely oversimplify very complex questions that people from different scientific and non-scientific areas from different ages, many or most of whom knew much more than me and you, devoted their lives to. Not even to speak more concretely how shallow is to say that most believers who do not follow the dogmas of the Holy Books do so because they realize "that they have violent parts". It's a moronic thing to do to make a conclusion on the two most spread religions in the world in several sentences, it's even more moronic to do it on the internet, most of all, it's much worse than moronic to do it on Brother Ali's shoutbox.
  • Yes stating facts is a moronic thing to do, i can totally see that.
  • avantish is obviously an idiot, anyway. Guy's dope but I dislike half of his beats and his voice, can't help it..
  • DropSoap - You completely missed my point. "Religion all around are retarded, but the Koran especially teaches some fucked up shit" Which part of that sentence did you not understand? I know its not the most diplomatic thing to say, but its the truth. And im not afraid to appear douchy unlike you. Have you even read the book? The Bible is filled with nonsensical, supressing and violent stuff too, but you simply cant compare them for numerous reasons.. Alot of Muslims worldwide obviously dont believe in the wicked teachings of Islam, but alot of people do, and its a problem. Simple as that. I know it sounds arrogant, but you obviously dont know what you are talking about.
  • this guy is too fuckin sweet
  • @avantish: to each his own. Who are you to decide which religion is better than which? You make yourself look like a douche when you feel superior to someone else's beliefs. In the end no one really knows what's going to happen after the end. I'm not a muslim either. Everyone's got their own belief and it doesn't make them less or more of a person.
  • last album is amazing!
  • Love Brother Ali and the new album.. But one thing has always bugged me. Why in hell would a smart guy like Ali convert to Islam. Religion all around are retarded, but the Koran especially teaches some fucked up shit,... I will enjoy his music regardless, but i seriously dont get it.
  • It's funny when ignorant people try to be funny [2] Ali's dope as fuck. Don't believe me? Ask Chuck D
  • he's sooo white... even more lighter than white
  • It's funny when ignorant people try to be funny
  • It's funny when white people try to be black
  • I hate that the new album disappointed me. Couple of superb tracks, but too many average ones.
  • His new album is solid.
  • If popularity were based on skill, the Street Preacher would be top 5. No doubt.
  • EPIC :3
  • Почему он мне напоминает азиса?
  • EL-P lol. Worst 5 minutes of a live band I've ever experienced. My ears hurt the entire time. Brother Ali all the way.
  • prefer much more Killer Mike, El-P or Aesop Rock. Too long and really medicore lp
  • Just saw him last night at the blue bird in Denver. It was bad ass.
  • <3
  • Ant is great but I thought Jake One did an amazing job with the new album.
  • the new album is like immortal technique wrote lyrics for atmosphere
  • New album is fantastic, possibly his best!
  • he just sounds so good with jake one. so fresh
  • @WestSideTrippin: There is no disrespect in this. He's just expressing his love for his religion AND his country. A reminder that being a muslim doesn't mean hating America. If he was hating the flag, he wouldn't be praying on it.
  • Album is perfect. love it.
  • 5 Albums in and he sounds sooo fucking fresh!? Incredible job on the new album. Good guy, Bro Ali
  • New album is great. Definitely his best since The Undisputed Truth. Maybe even his best work yet.
  • do people still think he is a black albino? lol. smh.
  • Disrespect to the new album's cover
  • so black that he's white.
  • Cant wait for the album
  • @Thunderwolf86, troll harder


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