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    Mag 26 2012, 16:34 di queenBoA_


    This is a list of all the CDs I currently have on my shelves. The dates before each title are the UK release dates, courtesy of Amazon.co.uk. For my Asian music, the dates before each title are the release date of the Japanese or Korean release, courtesy of Generasia. I have some Western releases that I imported from Japan; I stated which releases these are and put the Japanese release date instead of the British release date. 'Signed' simply means the release has been hand-signed by the artist.
    I've also included misc items, such as merch and posters.


    [2009.07.08] 2NE1
    [2010.09.09] To Anyone
    [2011.07.28] 2NE1 2nd Mini Album

    [2009.11.14] 1:59PM
    [2010.10.11] STILL 2:00PM
    [2011.06.20] Hands Up

    [2009.04.23] 2:00PM Time For Change
    [2010.04.19] Don't Stop, Can't Stop
    [2012.11.14] Masquerade (CD+DVD Jacket A)

    [2013.01.17] Harvest Moon