• survey - done again!

    Nov 9 2006, 6:49 di codislove

    Gosh I love these SO much. I am just gonna keep redoing them :P

    by the way, I just press shuffle and get random songs. That's how I love doing these!!

    1. What song best represents my personality?
    Silver and Cold
    In some strange ways...yes. Yes, indeed. I can be emo too! *punches air*

    2. What song will be played on my funeral?
    Shut Up
    Wellll it has a nice beat. I guess that'd be the cool thing. Otherwise...how dumb! and insane! (therefore, it suits me well.)

    3. Will I ever love somebody?
    One Step Closer
    Hmmmm...I am close to it? That's kinda nice. Complicates my life, but hey, love is all we need!

    4. Will I be successful in life?
    Pinch Me
    I hope it's "pinch me, I must be dreaming! I am so successful, how could this be?!" and not "pinch me, get me the heck outta this nightmare!"

    5. Will I get married even if my love life is out of shape?
    Gold Digger
    I guess that is all I am destined to be! *sigh* Why does it have to be like this?

    6. Will anyone accept me as who I am?