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  • Avatar di MessNIKDOG
    Masterpiece soundtrack for Crysis
  • Avatar di RaRitsujun
  • Avatar di eN4ez
    Nanosuit 2 - Crynet Systemsllιlι.ιl..ιllιlι.ιl..ιllιlι.
  • Avatar di briannatolsa
    Killer work. Reminds me of the work of Samantha Bouquin in places
  • Avatar di ugluk56
    i cant get enough of the knights of honor soundtrack! been listening to it for years :)
  • Avatar di Ignat_2777
    NY memories, awesome sound
  • Avatar di gtabro
    I was playing Crysis 3 and I found myself a couple of times just enjoying the vistas and listening to the music, then I decided to check the composer and I found out he's a fellow Bulgarian. *Maximum Respect*
  • Avatar di Master_Sandro
    Every Song in Knights of Honor is absolutely wonderful! I liked the soundtrack since the Release of the Game and never get it out of my head. Always a pleasure to remember the music! Fits the medieval mood of the game perfectly, so much atmosphere, every song is very different and nice in its own way. Thank you for that great music experience! Nice to see that you are still in business! Keep the great work going :)
  • Avatar di SuperKakaMusic
    NY memories
  • Avatar di Kaio-ken
    What are you prepared to sacrifice?

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