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    Dic 10 2007, 7:00 di everybodydoes

    What is your favorite genre of music?
    Country and Rock

    What is your least favorite genre of music?

    Do you download songs or buy cds?
    I buy cds or individual songs

    Mp3/iPod or CD Player?

    What's the last concert you attented?
    Bon Jovi

    How was it?
    Amazing! Everyone should see them at least once in their life

    How many band shirts/hoodies you own?
    3 hoodies & tons of shirts

    What is your favorite band shirt/hoodie?
    My Carrie Underwood hoodie & red Guns N' Roses shirt

    What music posters do you have up in your room?

    Do you consider screaming another form of music?

    What album are you ashamed to have?

    Have you ever been in a mosh pit?

    Last cd you bought?
    Garth Brooks - The Ultimate Hits for my cousin

    What song do you love at the moment?
    You Won't Find This and Everybody's Broken

    Most annoying song you ever heard?
    There's too many to name

    Current least favorite song?
    Shiftwork ... god I keep hearing that lately