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  • Avatar di snowdog62
  • Avatar di WhiteSurfStyle5
    Love it!
  • Avatar di Marcos_Arantes
    Tico Torres is amazing in that song [2]
  • Avatar di Athelstan87
    This is pure Springsteen worship, and it's awesome.
  • Avatar di hf1809
    good rock <3
  • Avatar di vaniljapulla
    Through the years and miles between us It's been a long and lonely ride But if I got a call in the dead of the night I'd be right by your side
  • Avatar di JuniorMcCartney
    Only brothers understand!
  • Avatar di johnror
    I see JAKE is a victim of the American peblik skool sistim.
  • Avatar di JAKE7001 be back in the ol high skool daze!!!
  • Avatar di tihsymtae
    Sometimes I forget that Bon Jovi actually used to be a decent band. Some of their songs - like this one - were pretty fucking good.


I can still remember when I was just a kid
When friends were friends forever and what you said was what you did
Well, it was me and Danny and Bobby we cut each other's hands
Held tight to a promise only brothers understand

Testo di Bon Jovi - Blood On Blood


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