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  • :)
  • Simply WOW! Always reminds of a holiday in Italy........
  • An orgasm for the heart
  • classic <3 [3]
  • nice song
  • classic <3 [2]
  • ♥♥♥ i love
  • For my wonderful wife....
  • perfekt
  • classic ♥
  • Take a look at my face there's no price I won't pay to say these words to you
  • <3
  • me encanata la canciòn always,subtitulada al español de Bon Jovi
  • ♥♥♥
  • Timeless!
  • 20.10.2004 I STILL REMEMBER....
  • After all this time? ........ALWAYS!!! , somehow this track reminds me of snape :)
  • It's been raining since you left me, Now I'm drowning in the flood
  • <3
  • It's ALWAYS beautiful.
  • Their best song.
  • Good song, prefere the original though.
  • this version sucks!
  • I Like The Original Version Better ,This Ones Good Too Though !!
  • always.
  • always..
  • prefer the other version =/
  • What happened to this live version? Looks like it slowed down or something. You can see the live version at Youtube on normal speed though. :)
  • so touching
  • Pretty sure this is the 'This Left Feels Right' version... sort it Last.FM.
  • this sounds to me like the original version. Unless Crossroads did not have the original version. Anyway this sounds good.
  • "Livin' on a Prayer" would have been nice, but this is "Always" nice.
  • Always ^^
  • Mon BJ fanatisme a débuté avec cette chanson. Tellement de souvenirs...quelle époque !
  • Ugh, I love this song
  • Even I like this version.... not so good as original, but...
  • How can this guy do such a cool song for so many years
  • nothing bon jovi do is shit some respect....
  • Bon Jovi one of the great ones
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  • Beatiful ballad ♥
  • what happened to this powerballad turning all softy and whiny????? DON"T LIKE IT!! :( :( :(
  • i take the "good" coment back, its shit actually, not catchy at all :(
  • different version, strange but good
  • great song!
  • Love this song, but this version is horrible.
  • Makes me shiver everytime I listen to it.


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