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I Bolt Thrower sono un gruppo musicale inglese death metal formatosi nella seconda metà degli anni ottanta.

I Bolt Thrower presero vita nel 1986 ad un concerto punk rock in un pub di Coventry nella periferia londinese dopo una conversazione tra i due amici Barry Thompson (chitarrista) e Gavin Ward (bassista). Entrambi ispirati da gruppi quali Slayer, Discharge, Sacrilege e Candlemass, decisero di formare una band che suonasse pesante ed aggressiva ma nel contempo originale. Raggiunti da un amico di… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Yep!
  • Stop immigration to Europe!
  • hope they will reform they were amazing cool band
  • Nick Barker is a hell of a drummer, but his ego matches his talent. It would be cool to have Andy Whale back on the stool (if he's still involved with music, that is). Or Mick Harris, but he quit decent music in '91.
  • yup thats a fact
  • Is it not a fact that this band has the greatest amount of great fucking riffs within their discography?
  • @neoxx07 no way. Whale's drumming wasn't that great. Even the band themselves weren't that happy with his performance of late
  • they need to bring back the old drummer of victory album.
  • hold it, man, hold...
  • ' I wonder if BT will replace him' Nicolas Barker would certainly be capable of filling the shoes, but maybe BT type of music wouldn't be too much of a challenge for him, he wants to drum on fast music... Someone who would fit Bolt Thrower's style is Neil Hutton (ex-Benediction/Stampin' Ground) Just listen to the albums he played, high levels of Bolt Thrower definitely there!

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