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Bob Dylan

The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll (5:49)

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William Zanzinger killed poor Hattie Carroll
With a cane that he twirled around his diamond ring finger
At a Baltimore hotel society gathering
And the cops were called in and his weapon took from him

Testo di Bob Dylan - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll


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  • Listening to Mr Dylan's 3rd album "The times they are a-changin'" released January 13, 1964 two months after Kennedy was assassinated. From the Only Solitaire Review: Apparently, Mr. Zimmerman was experiencing lots of indirect pressure from his folk music colleagues (and folks down at the record company as well) who wanted to have him put forth a real protest song album - you know, no obscure metaphorical shite like 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall', too artsy and indirect to be appreciated by those whoe believed in music as a political instrument. Bobbie, then, who was writing songs at a dozen per cigarette and already had a good batch of protest songs in store at the time of release of Freewheelin', was quite willing to oblige. And that's exactly what you get - ten protest songs with straightahead, generic, unsophisticated (by Bob's own standards of 1964) lyrics.
  • now ain't the time for your tears...
  • Probably my favourite protest song ever.
  • Just Dylan
  • once again: so far beyond gorgeous its just plain old purty.
  • Oh, and for anyone interested: I recommend you search up Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Robert Levon Been's beautiful cover of this. He covers Dylan so, so well. He alters his voice but it isn't a cheap imitation.
  • One of my all-time favourite Dylan songs. Such a tragic story but told so beautifully. Only Dylan, with his intrinsic passion for righteousness and boundless insight, can draw on a simple newspaper article and create an ode this emotional from it; a character so strikingly tangible, a heartbreaking story so seemingly personal. It's as if he knows Hattie; as if the listener now knows her too.
  • The Rolling Thunder Revue performances are so haunting.
  • Underrated
  • Love this song. I like the slower version- the one off Bootleg 9.

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