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Bob Dylan

Nobody 'Cept You (2:39)

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Nothing 'round here to me that's sacred 'cept you, yeah you
There's nothing 'round here to be that better 'cept you, yeah you

You're the one that reaches me, you're the one that I admire

Testo di Bob Dylan - Nobody 'Cept You


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  • And another: though I adore both I do agree with Bob's late choice to make Wedding Song and not Nobody 'cept You the album closer - but had it gone the other way, the way the drums unexpectedly stop several measures before you'd expect them to, quite a while really before the song ends, would've been a helluva way to end a record.
  • That's a convoluted, rather inarticulate explanation but I hope people can figure out what I'm talking about anyhow. And the thing is, it's totally unusual but SO smooth! I must've heard this song a hundred times at least - most of them with the tenderness, care and total attention it deserves from a listener - and only realized what it is that happens here tonight, suddenly.
  • I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not, but this song has such a cool structural sleight of hand: "I'm a stranger here and no one sees me" is *technically,* according to song structure and chord progression, the beginning of the last verse. But in the way Bob arranges the song and the lyrics it's really an answer to and resolution of the bridge - after "I know something has changed" immediately comes "I'm a stranger here and no one sees me," emotionally an asskicking move - a heightening of what it is that has changed by revealing exactly and to what extent things are different, not just him seeing the outside world differently but the outside world seeing him differently (or, not seeing him at all). It works as the last line of the bridge, also in that it echoes and matches the "except you" that follows "...of that old familiar chime" in being part of a verse that sneaks into the bridge. But it is also indeed and simultaneously the beginning of the final verse. Brilliant.
  • Used to play in the cemetery, dance and sing and run when I was a child... Never seemed strange. But now I just pass mournfully by that place where the bones of life are piled...
  • this song is so sweet
  • Ohhhhhh boy. Just found a new Dylan song to add to my absolute top tier of favorites from him. And what a backing by the almighty Band!
  • this is a nice song.
  • by the way <<3<3<3<3<3<3<433<45<3
  • congratulations
  • Ok, I'll be the first to say... awwwwww <3 <3

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