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  • Avatar di lfelipecosta
    Sounds between Mogwai,Radiohead and Spiritualized [2] Yep, just now noticing the Spiritualized influence.
  • Avatar di RIPELIVEJAM
    Don't know why this didn't hit me like a ton of bricks when i first heard it. Remember feeling songs weren't good if they had few lyrics, thought it was a sign of quality and integrity. Holy fuck was i wrong.
  • Avatar di jpzitoleopold
    i don't get it
  • Avatar di JorjiCostanza
    is he chanting "dave grohl" four minutes in?
  • Avatar di GabsLDS
    Sticky and Tasty
  • Avatar di ferjanis
  • Avatar di moonbaby9307
    amazing track
  • Avatar di moonbaby9307
    I've gotta get better....
  • Avatar di xgamer11
    Does Damon sounds like Lou Reed at the end there with his baritone?
  • Avatar di NanneTolsma
    depressing but oh so good

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