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  • good band
  • очаровательная группа, нечто среднее между the go-betweens и dire straits, как я бы их определил. жаль, что за пределами канады практически неизвестны, заслуживают куда больше внимания.
  • New one is pretty decent.
  • Legendary Band. One of Canada's best!
  • Big box set coming in October. Really looking forward to it. Also, I'm surprised at how few plays there are here. Their popularity is about equal to the Tragically Hip yet the Hip gets way more plays. Oh well. First world problem.
  • Guys, vote for this one
  • My all time favorite band, always will be. Blue Rodeo is such a great live band especially at a small venue like the Majestic or the Magic Bag in Detroit.
  • Blue Rodeo kicks major ass
  • Not being a Canadian I never heard of them until Canada Day on Trafalgar Square, niiice.
  • Vote for Blue Rodeo in group [group]Canada[/group] Battle of the Bands
  • Fantastic in Trafalgar Square!
  • Just saw them at Trafalgar Square's Canada Day celebrations :D
  • Is this a band of songs for slow dances? I scrobble them on Radio for the third time, and I hear third slow song)
  • Blue Rodeo is performing in Ottawa at the Nepean National Equestrian Park on Saturday, August 21!
  • Connected to group [group]Canada[/group]
  • Blue Rodeo performing at Junos! FYI urMusic giving away tix to the show, plus airfare (to Newfoundland!) for 2 and more. More info at Keep the music live! urMusic Shan
  • Any fans of their song from Outskirts 'Floating'? Definetly my favourite Blue Rodeo tune.
  • And there's a picture we've all seen. It was taken in the lobby of the L.A. Ambassador Hotel...
  • Great show last night in Kirkland Lake. Got to meet them again and got my copy of the new album signed by all. Looking forward to seeing them again in April!
  • That's because it is on vinyl and the doofi lost their record players! ;-)
  • Too bad the new album isnt showing up here.
  • JDJ
    I like most of the songs on the new album, my only complaint is that a large number of them sound like a Jim Cuddy or Greg Keelor solo album material... few of the songs seem to be true Blue Rodeo.
  • Listening to the live stream on All I can say is welcome back, boys. Destined to be a real late-career classic.
  • playin at the Grey Cup half time showwww
  • New album Nov. 10. :)
  • Lost Together is one of the best songs I've ever heard
  • WOW !!!
  • Neat story. I once met Greg Keelor at a festival BR was playing at and didnt know til a few months later.
  • wow
  • Intriguing anecdote, brethren
  • the indiepop way.......
  • Haha I was wondering the same thing about the listeners thing.
  • Ah, that would explain why i see top listeners with like 20 scrobbles sometimes haha. And wow you really love blue rodeo!
  • JDJ
    Top listeners are decided by % of times you listen to the artists... so songs by artists / total plays. And then you just have to wait to have that update (which is not that regular) to get in the top listeners. And thanks for the 17K comment, but I reset my profile and lost another 12k BR listens or so in the process. It is an addiction... not getting treatment.... ;)
  • Why aren't I a top listener? I have them in 2nd place with 600+ scrobbles. That beats 4 of the members listed in top listeners. Hats off to the one guy though, 17K, wow. great band.
  • Does anyone know the title of one of their first tracks that had a brilliant video with plastecine dinosaurs?
  • Sign up for Blue Rodeo's official mailing list to keep up-to-date on things like ticket presales, new album releases and contests. You will only receive messages from Join here:
  • Yeah it is for sure. I had been waiting 6 years to see them and they exceeded my expectations. Now Im trying to find a show within the next 6 months within a few hundred miles.
  • Saw them in Sudbury the other night for the first time, it was awesome. Cant wait to see them again.
  • probably one of the only good bands to win a juno.
  • the very very very best!
  • Blue rodeo is great. I saw them with my mom :P It was pretty awesome though. This is the closest to country i get haha. New album is good too
  • It's so weird, when I was young my parents listened to Blue Rodeo all the time because they used to work with Jim Cuddy in the 70s, now every time i hear them play it just reminds me of home. Not to mention they really talented song writers and preformers!
  • I got in to my first car accident with Hasn't Hit Me Yet playing in the background.
  • I loved the show! I highly reccomend going, they have a kick ass opening band to!
  • I was about 6 years old when Five Days in July was released, and 15 years later it's still one of my favorite albums even though I've become more of a metal-head. Finally got to see Blue Rodeo live for the first time this weekend and they were fantastic! It's amazing to hear them breathing new life into songs.
  • Five days in may pwns all. Im still yet to figure out the true meaning of the song, any help?
  • Bulletproof or Walk Like You Don't Mind are my faves, I don't really like there new album Small Miracles however.. I better learn to like it, as I'm seeing them on Monday :P
  • Dark angel and 5 days in may are awesome
  • One of the best Canadian bands ever! And why is Heart Like Mine not one of the top songs?


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