• A rant about me, a few songs and how they ruined disco for me.

    Dic 7 2007, 16:44 di Lethragy

    Not that I ever liked disco. Basically I'm just bored and having some kind of a "the good ol' times" moment. So I decided to write down the chronology of my screwed up music taste.
    It all started back, when I took guitar lessons and surprisingly got bored by the usual pop rock and started looking for something more brutal and fitting for my late teenage angst. Luckily I didn't go for the, well, lets just call it gay, goth rock songs on the sample cd of a famous rock/metal zine issue, but rather got hooked on Kataklysm's "Beyond Salvation". But although I ordered two of their albums and a band shirt right away, I wasn't so sure about the whole thing, until i got a hold of Cry My Name by Bloodbath. So there I was, considering myself a fan of the heaviest, most brutal music genre, not requiering my to paint my face to look like a panda bear. And it went on this way for quite some time. By the way, did anyone else ever notice that songs like