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Il gruppo nasce nel 1998 dall'incontro tra il cantante Kele Okereke, inglese di origini nigeriane, e il chitarrista Russel Lissack. I due si conoscono infatti nell'Essex, contea nella quale Lissack è nato e cresciuto e dove Okereke ha compiuto gli studi. Un anno dopo, nel 1999, i due si ritrovano al Reading Festival e decidono di formare il gruppo, che inizia così a suonare sotto il nome Angel Range. Successivamente, tramite un annuncio sul New Musical Express si unisce nel… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Tong is a damn metronome
  • The new album isn't as good as previous one but it's still decent.
  • It's just amazing that i got swept off my feet when Silent Alarm came out and 11 years later they've done it once again. Wonderful.
  • I thought Kele and Russell were the drive behind the song writing in their good years, apparently not...
  • @Brickfaced... do you have any evidence at all to back that up? You think they're personally doing that? I highly doubt it.
  • Anyone else notice now BP keep removing parts of their music on Spotify? Like they got so fed up of Banquet being their most played song that they removed the single version so that Hymns got higher to love that desperate marketing!
  • Omg... The worst opening track ever......?
  • The more I listen to Hymns, the more I love it. Once again, as with each album, it's different, but still fantastic. Only He Can Heal Me, So Real, and Living Lux are the highlights for me.
  • Living Lux & Eden easily are the highlights on yet another so-so Bloc Party album.
  • oh dear, HMYNS is shockingly bad. it actually makes coldplay sound intense and cool.

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