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Bloc Party

Halo (3:38)

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  • WHAT the hell? This thing is fucking amazing! [x2]
  • OMG ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER. Can't believe I took sooo long to pay atention to it ):
  • love the break down at 2:40
  • One of the best openings I've ever heard....If only it had a Silent alarm Solo to top it off. Still great though.
  • I think: Indie-Dancefloor at it's best!
  • disko !
  • WHAT the hell? This thing is fucking amazing!
  • mm what babes
  • Seen them three times. But must say , i think they' re losing their touch.
  • nice
  • greatest song of intimacy
  • i'm so glad i got to see them when they were all together.. i lkadjlak love this song :)
  • best song on intimacy =)
  • tune
  • this song is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i saw them live and cryed for six month after they were off the stage!
  • Love this song! Absolutely mental live!!!
  • sweet
  • I love this
  • Best
  • awesome ;D
  • Silent Alaram (entire album) + Hunting For Witches + Halo ROX. The rest is bleh and meeeuh :p
  • Forgot this song for about a year, glad I found it a few seconds ago.
  • wonderful :] love these guys :)
  • L. O. V. E.
  • love this band!!! its f.....g awesome!!!
  • I looove this!
  • xD!
  • This is amazing. Man, I lost interest after Silent Alarm, but his one sure is brilliant.
  • ++++
  • This band represents indie. When you say Bloc Party every knows what your talking about!!! but when you say Maritime or Terminal most people dont know. And this song rocks the house!
  • good music. love them!
  • Love Bloc Party .. Love their music..
  • inimacy is my fav bloc party album haha .. dont shoot ^^ this is one of my fav tracks this one and one month off, zephyrus
  • I deleted Ares and Mercury from Intimacy so this is the first track, and it makes Intimacy a damn good album if you do that. This is probbaly my favourite Bloc Party song...
  • Suuuuuuper Song auf nem scheiß Album *-*
  • Halo.....
  • Oh ja.
  • Bloc Party macht verdammt geile Lieder.
  • why are there so many songs called "Halo" ? XD But, a great song.
  • why don'T they ever play this freaking great song live!?
  • why can't i love a song double? or adore it? please, i need this new toy ;) greta song!
  • This is the best song on Intimacy [2]
  • great
  • hell yes!
  • This is the best song on Intimacy. Why hasn't it been released as a single?
  • bloc maiden
  • Its nice but not my favourite from the album
  • kinda remembers me silent alarm


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