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  • Avatar di someguy827
    Blaze Ya Dead Homie
  • Avatar di aquaticdeath
    UK citizens sign and share gov petition to legalise.
  • Avatar di spikeyben
    new album slays! better off out of psychopathic
  • Avatar di n9ne1501 plus
  • Avatar di suntzutang
    i don't think you can get high from smoking dead people
  • Avatar di veryillogical
    left the label...fuck..
  • Avatar di screaming_wolf
    Hey bro what time is it? "Well let me just look at my muthafuckin clock necklace!"
  • Avatar di bassius
    white people who wish they were black have to be the dumbest motherfuckers ever.
  • Avatar di Elementfire0666
    He was also planning on a senatorial bid as a Tea-Party Republican, but he however backed out at the last minute because he didn't want to put his music career on hold.
  • Avatar di TheDarkSide73
    Are you kidding me? What's with the clock? Is this guy trying to be like the guy from Public Enemy or

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