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Blackthorn — symphonic black gothic metal band from Moscow, Russia, fully and beautifully female-completed. Filled with dark romanticism, music of Blackthorn represents a cocktail from black, symphonic and gothic metal, forming thus an interesting combination with haunting melodies, ethereal academic vocal and various types of growling and screaming.

Aina, Stray Away Cantatrice — soprano/scream
Elvira, Six String Alchemida — guitars, growl, music, keys/samples
Greta, Adust Anomic Suicide — bass
Varaska, Mortiferous Winter Blastphemy — drums
Less, Midnight Obscurant Violince - violin

2007 — The Prologue of Eschaton (demo)
2009 — Gossamer Witchcraft (album eng. version)
2009 — Аранеум (album rus. version)
2011 — Codex Archaos (album)
2012 — Era Obscura (internet single eng. version)
2012 — Era Obscura (internet single rus. version)


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