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  • Sun, walk with me!
  • check out if you like this band
  • I came here from [artist]Havoc Unit[/artist]... I am searching for something similar i.e. Hammers hitting iron, gears crunching and noise and madness with lots of layers... This is not bad but not what I'm looking for.
  • Where can one see the 'Prince of Dark Cellars' video?
  • TeknoSSatan_eSSence.
  • french black metal rules..... norwegian and polish also :D.
  • MachinatioN sound is exactly what i wanted from them. [3]
  • I can listen to MachinatioN all day long!!
  • AVE Saint Vincent AND BLACKLODGE -- My return to Industrial Black Metal, Drugs, Mysticism!!
  • MachinatioN sound is exactly what i wanted from them. [2]
  • I agree with Coffinwood_Mill. It's Blacklodge at it's best.
  • Very fun new release.
  • They tried to be like Mysticum, but they couldn't... not so bad, but boring!
  • Machination is a Masterpiece! Hail Blacklodge!!!!!!
  • not so great that new album is... but SolarKult was superb!
  • is mediocre.
  • Great two gigs in SWR Barroselas!!!!!!!!!!!!, Blacklodge rules!!!!
  • " They started to play live and strengthen the identity of the band through substances abuses, *WATCHING TWIN PEAKS EPISODES*, and rising totemic fascination for contemporary environment and technology. " FIXED
  • Worm_Theologian, it sould be a reference. They have numerous Twin Peaks references, but none is of type "in-your-face"
  • Great gig yesterday night in Madrid!
  • Lambda makes me compulsively shudder, despite the impeding french accent of the vocalist.
  • >> Aborym, in my ears
  • Child of Aborym. Just discovered this band. It's fucking awesome. *_* It's like if i was downloading black metal dope into my veins.
  • All the other black metal bands that fail at incorporating synths need to learn from this band.
  • i like it
  • Great band! Love 'em!
  • Bands like Psyclon Nine, Alien Vampires, ActiveHate sound more than just "Symphoblack with drum-machine loops".
  • You know, I always wondered if this band's name was a reference to that.
  • twin peaks fans unite!
  • еееее
  • Ad Hominem isn industrial, only fucking tagger tag it as Industrial Black Metal
  • ah!! your new album kick fuckin' ass!!! COME TO SERBIA AGAIN PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!! FUCKIN' <3 BLACKLODGE!!!
  • охуительно!
  • Graag gedaan.
  • Dank u voor het bier
  • Recent gig in Moscow was fucking awesome!
  • You are right, in that sense, of course a part of the music is generated by synths. But there is no overall synth-base like most Darkelectro/EBM acts have.
  • electronic percussion samples are produced by synths... but yes, i wouldn't want to try dancing to it..
  • Anyone that seriously tags this/calls this perfectly danceable black metal is obviously a failed abortion. It has industrial-ish percussion, thats true. So? Kovenant too, but unlike them, Blacklodge features no synth. You really need a lot of spicey powder to be able to dance to this...
  • Industrial Black Metal..... not Dance Metal or whatever the hell you guys are calling it...
  • thought that that i'll be alone with the opinion that T/ME is made of boredom, but luckily saw another person below with the same idea:) relisten one more time, but rly, it seems that only saturN is interesting here.
  • I would never describe the style of Blacklodge as "dance/black metal"... The electronic components make the atmosphere decadent and complicated - darker. - It is not an approach to "danceable" music...
  • "I think more black metal acts are slowly going to take notice and do this whole dance/black metal thing." Here's to hoping you aren't a prophet.
  • What a band!! Love it :)
  • have you tried to dance to that?
  • Dance!?
  • anyone know what program he uses to record on?, I use ableton live 8 pro, but i like the techno sounding effects of the on off sound
  • new album is amazing, very well written, can tell he took long time writing it, some parts sound more complex then classical music as I am currently studying and writing opera myself... this new album has to be the best written metal/industrial ive ever listened to.
  • AD Concerts сообщает, что господа Blacklodge приедут к нам 24 апреля.


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