• Bzangy Groink Playlist 10/3/10

    Mar 15 2010, 22:18 di JyotiMishra

    Woo - loads of requests tonight: Russian Circles, MSTRKRFT, Refused, Venetian Snares. But I still managed to cram in craploads of brand-new music as well.


    The best from the new was Swanton Bombs' 'Who's Asking.' I love the rawness of this track, I love the middle bit guitar riffery. There's a lot to be said for eschewing the wanky solo in favour of the cranking rhythm, The Kinks knew that and so do Swanton Bombs, even though they sound fuck-all like The Kinks.


    The best old track has to be Venetian Snares' 'Einstein-Rosen Bridge.' I'm sure I've had it as a best old track before, it's so utterly awesome. And, as old as it is, it still makes people look up and do good WTF?? faces. Pure loveliness!

    And, tonight, I broke all my normal Bzangy rules by playing not one but three tracks currently on Radio One. The first was Wiley because I love it and, hey, it's nice to have (a bit) of my song back in the charts! :-)