• Lyrics Game #3 - "Days"

    Ago 20 2006, 15:17 di Kattastic

    It's your bog standard lyrics game - but with a theme.....

    1. Danny was an old-time Bourbon Street barker
    Who wanted the same as Charlie Parker

    2. At times like these when enemies can number more than friends
    A friend indeed is what I need, not someone who pretends
    Another Day

    3. Celebrate the fact that we’ve seen the back
    Of another (title)
    Black Day

    4. All is quiet on (title)
    A world in white gets underway
    New Year's Day

    5. (Title) rain is falling
    Steal some covers share some skin
    Sunday Morning

    6. I know you well and I can tell
    Something's on your mind
    King For A Day

    7. When I stepped in the room I bring the heat like the month of June
    Crank the volume make the bass go boom
    Labor Day (It's A Holiday)

    8. It was 25 years they take that man away
    Now the freedom moves in closer every day
    Mandela Day

    9. The world is cold and times are bad.
    Every time I think about it, it makes me sad