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  • shelnora: I thought the same at first! But after all these years--yes, their voices are similar but any thoughts of Waits as I listen to the Heavies have fallen to the wayside.
  • Они так аху....нны!!!! Просто нет слов!
  • Really cool stuff but I'm having a hard time getting past how much the singer sounds like Waits sometimes. It's almost a distraction lol. Like I get it, I see the influence, it just seems like I'm listening to a (really good) impersonator. But damn it's good to hear good music like this.
  • sounds like midnight riders
  • Это одни соляки на овердрайве
  • ΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!
  • Similar artists:
  • Nutbush City Limit is one of the coolest covers everrrrrr dammit
  • Would sex
  • Heavy voice...!
  • это Блюз
  • Sure hope these fellas are still up for makin music. One of the best live acts I've seen.
  • FREE DOWNLOAD folk / blues song here - Enjoy!
  • "Buh. I've had these albums just sitting on my computer for months. Can't believe how much crap I've spent my time listening to when I could have been listening to this." SAME HERE. I've put Black Diamonds on a list and totally forgot about them. Stupid me.
  • love
  • Buh. I've had these albums just sitting on my computer for months. Can't believe how much crap I've spent my time listening to when I could have been listening to this.
  • I spent a night with this guys, fucking crazy!!
  • I'd give a kidney and perhaps one of my nuts to see these guys live
  • Guys. If you wanna buy something on iTunes/Amazon/etc. from Russia, you'll feel the purest butthurt ever.
  • try buying them
  • Love them! One of my favourite current bands, along with The Black Keys. Big fan of their bluesy Waits-y goodness! @bothersomegod, I downloaded their stuff from Amazon (UK) if that helps?
  • great...i love that lo-fi sound!!
  • Can someone just give me a link to some of the BDH stuff. I just can't find their albums anywhere in internet.
  • Great concert yesterday ! more of this pleazzz
  • They are lonely bastards =)
  • Van Halan went to hell and the Black Diamon Heavies came back. Rawk!
  • I Like It !!!
  • Awesomeness.
  • These guys tore the Abbey up last Friday. Great stuff.
  • A blues version of pirates. And as we all know; pirates are awesome!
  • Tom Waits + Black Sabath + groovy keys, gotta love them.
  • No Canada tour dates :(
  • i guess it's impossible to spin this and not feel like boozin'
  • Tom Waits but with dynamite in his ass! :-)
  • This band is simply just awesome. Tom Waits + blues = the perfect combination.
  • great groove!!!
  • wow!
  • LOL BUT BUSH! woops NUT :D haha
  • Alive As Fuck is Alive As Fuck!
  • SwahiliBob: obviously you've gotta click on the hyper link to see what the song is... genius.
  • discovered them when they opened for nick cave. wow!! what an amazing show!!
  • Yeah!
  • Can anyone tell me the title to [url=]this track[/url]?
  • they are better than everyone else out right now.... everyone
  • They played in Paris, they'll be back in November. And they were Incredible.
  • happy hour kicks ass!!!
  • Oh yeah, probably one of the best bands I discovered in months, years.
  • Totally agree with red187


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