• December mixtape: My 2008

    Dic 21 2008, 0:38 di laura_mac

    I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback when December's "Best of 2008" theme was announced. I'm not a voracious enough consumer of new music to ever make a "best of" list of only new music--to be honest, I tend to be somewhat stuck in a rut, listening to the same songs, albums and artists over and over again. So, instead of compiling a tape of the best music released in 2008--which, coming from me, would be extremely short and nothing you couldn't find elsewhere anyway--I decided to assemble the songs that represent my 2008 discoveries in music. Starting with "Lonely is the Night," which, bizarre as it is, was the song of the year for me. I've been completely honest here, so don't judge me if some of these came from commercials (two are from Apple ads) or movie soundtracks (Juno). Hope you enjoy!


    1. Billy Squier - Lonely Is The Night