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  • I agree! It's definitely one of my favorite albums. Los Angelenos, Root Beer Rag, The Great Suburban Showdown, Weekend amazing.
  • Streetlife Serenade is such an underrated album. NY State of Mind and Honesty are my faves. I actually did a couple of his (It's Still Rock and Roll to Me,Pressure) karaoke style before.
  • I quite like 'Night after day' and 'Hour of the wolf' (at almost twelve minutes - surely his longest song).
  • I agree with you, Range341, but you maid a mistake as well.
  • Keep your negative comments to yourself or at least correct your grammer..
  • what a disgusting music he make....
  • i like Just The Way You Are. BJ has too many to pick just one.. I like Scenes From An Italian Restaurant too.
  • I Go To Extremes is so damn catchy. She's Always A Woman and Scenes From An Italian Restaurant are probably his best, but my favourite is either Only The Good Die Young or The Stranger.
  • Scenes from an Italian restaurant is a great song idd :D though i doubt i know any bad song Billy ever made, one of the best artist around i think :)
  • Miami 2017 and Scenes from an Italian restaurant must be two of the best songs ever written. Outstanding stuff!
  • billy!
  • My favorite song is definitely Vienna!
  • I love Billy Joel.
  • This music will never die.. It's just awesome
  • The concert in Japan of December is very the enjoyment.I bought an album of THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION today.
  • Goodnight Saigon is imho definately his best song.
  • Wow I am adding my past events to the database and I found this great web site so I could pull the dates.....I was there Man.
  • The Stranger man, The Stranger! Geez, that's the best.
  • Pressure is most deffinatly his best song! but all his songs are great, he was awesome in concert
  • Movin' Out!
  • I agree! Vienna is definitely the best!
  • drool
  • I just uploaded some old pictures...
  • YES billy joel is the absolute best. There is no arguing that, and actually Buttsnake i like many other than that:) but always love to revisit brenda and eddy
  • [url=]Great tunes! Billy ROCKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/url]
  • I wish I didn't lose my copy of The Nylon Curtain :(
  • 190 listeners to go...
  • Scenes is his best. LET THERE BE NO DEBATE.
  • Try Where's the Orchestra – so beautiful, yet so underrated.
  • Scenes>Any other Billy Joel song
  • Scenes > Piano Man
  • Piano Man does win very hard... but he can not be forgiven for Uptown Girl. Sorry.
  • Hmm, good thing all of his songs are streamable.
  • not even arguably... it IS the best song ever. muahaha.
  • Piano Man is arguably the best song ever
  • billy joel rocks!
  • Zanzibar is my favorite song.
  • Just the Way You Are does!
  • Sure thing. The lyrics are great. But, come on, does any song reach Piano Man?
  • Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - so damn good. an universe of lyrics to explore!
  • Scenes From An Italian Restaurant is the fucking greatest, hands down.
  • yes, anyone is better than radiohead. but Billy Joel crushes them in a way unparalled.
  • genius. pure genius.
  • He's also a great driver!
  • seeing him perform was the greatest experience of my entire life. i adore this man.
  • Haha, you need to remember one thing: Billie Joel has been immortalized, 10/15 years from now no one will remember Radiohead…but Billie Joel will still be remembered. 80’s magic baby.
  • Not quite as good as Radiohead
  • I'm seeing him perform in Syracuse this weekend. So excited!


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