• Sadly neglected - Part 2

    Lug 8 2006, 10:59 di KeithJenner

    I’m not sure whether anyone read the first part of this, and if so, whether you can stand another instalment, but here goes anyway pop pickers. Here’s numbers 60-51 in my chart of criminally underappreciated artists on last.fm

    If you missed part 1, this is a list of the artists in my media player collection (not including those only on compilations) who have the least number of last.fm listeners.

    60 – Billy Bragg and The Blokes – 507 Listeners

    I really hope that this comes in so low because people have tagged their copy of England, Half English as being by Billy Bragg. It is a very good album and every Billy fan should have one.

    If you’re in the States, it appears that you can get it off Amazon Marketplace for not much more than a dollar. Go on, you know you want to.

    59 – Tom Robinson – 477 Listeners

    Hardly surprising he is so low I suppose seeing as Tom Robinson Band only just get over 1,000 listeners and they have the classic 2-4-6-8 Motorway to help them along.