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Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong (Oakland, California - Stati Uniti, 17 febbraio 1972) è il cantante, chitarrista e front-man del gruppo musicale Green Day.


Vita & Carriera Nato da una povera famiglia di Oakland, California, era il più giovane di sei fratelli. Da piccolo però si trasferi con la famiglia a Rodeo, un quartiere di Berkeley. All'età di cinque anni registrò la sua prima canzone dal titolo Look for love, ed era solito recarsi all'ospedale della sua città a… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Man I really like Green Day!! Only I can just hear some .... I agree with Billie concerned religion, religion was indeed the man who invented ... Follow Christ and believe in the teachings of God is not religion ... The name of the religion Christianity was the man who invented this should not happen, have different religions ... Jesus is not a religion ... is like that verse says: That the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth and with their lips and honor me, but have removed away from me your heart, and their fear toward me is a commandment of men, learned by heart. I really like the songs american idiot, holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The Problem of Boulevard of Broken Dreams is talking very lonely ... Dear everyone, or almost everyone calls us crazy ... (Part 1)
  • But it is impossible to explain the human vocabulary leaves no explain how great is the power of Deus.Não'm here talking about religion ... Do you believe in the story of Christopher Columbus, Napoleon and other historical characters and heroes? So? Jesus Christ is the same way, incidentally just think, Jesus died to immortalize his name, those who ignore his words end up in hell ... Those who follow Jesus just by being something called a man of religion also end up in hell. Has that song called Jesus of Suburbia ... Man I like all the songs of Green Day, but has some songs that I can not hear because some things are not true. This is not a criticism, I just want to hear what you think of Billie Jesus our savior, not of religion but of Jesus ... Jesus is not a religion, He loves us! ;) Their songs are great and healthy better than any other alternative rock! I do not speak English, if some things get wrong is because google translator! (Part 2)
  • <3
  • You rock Billie. I love you. :)
  • Happy Birthday Hero
  • Happy birthday you little bastard c:
  • Happy Birthday 8D
  • Happy Birthday Billie ♥
  • follow guys

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