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  • Avatar di Petya_Venikov
    buy the new record here:
  • Avatar di Idiots-Rule
    I have only heard his first album, "Ward One: Along The Way", but it's damn good! The actual drumming is really nothing spectacular at all, but his voice and song-writing is something completely else. But it doesn't really matter, his great drum work is forever put down into Sabbath's amazing legacy.
  • Avatar di experimento69
    Whe The Bough Breaks is a masterpiece!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar di Yellowxander
    Bill Ward statement:
  • Avatar di A_D_A_N
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  • Avatar di JeroenKlomp
    I see someone didnt agree, ofcourse, why not, is a democratic site. Good thing u also can [url=]vote for album covers[/url]. So let your voice be heard and vote for which album cover should be up. I still rather go for the original artist intend though, the black cover
  • Avatar di ColdSabbathRain
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  • Avatar di JeroenKlomp
    replaced the cover art of [album artist=Bill Ward]Ward One: Along the Way[/album] because: "As originally released, Ward One featured a cover art image with a white background and a "one man band" motif. Bill Ward has stated in interviews and on his website that this artwork was not intended to be the proper artwork, and was replaced for a reprint with a much more somber "black" cover. Shortly after the black cover was issued, the record label (Chameleon) went out of business, and as such, the black cover art, while being Bill's preferred, is much harder to come by than the white one. The cover image for the white version does remain in the black version, albeit as interior artwork."

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