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  • 1:42 infected me
  • Probably one of my favorite tracks ever.
  • Awful.
  • One of the first songs that I liked by BTBAM.
  • crap
  • everyone grows but me... [2] very simple but haunting. And I like to listen DT's Stream Of Consciousness right after this :)
  • Great song.
  • This is definitely something to appreciate.
  • unbelievable. this band. this song.
  • ban ban ban ban
  • who the fuck tagged this as hardcore???!!!
  • erectile dysfunction
  • spindizzy, what about 1:44
  • 1:43 and on solve so much; it does what it's supposed to do.
  • nearly weeped when walking my dog to this, too good i think.
  • Lovin' the tags
  • the part at 1:45 is epic [2] 0-1:43 could easily fit a Tarantino movie.. great track!
  • Brilliant way to start an album. Fantastic song!
  • That's pretty good. They should continue working on progressive rock/metal.
  • the part at 1:45 is epic
  • the middle section is to die for, I swear.
  • good lord this song is SO FREAKIN GOOD.
  • I love the middle section, the instrumentation there is absolutely gorgeous...I love the way this track transitions into Obfuscation too :)
  • haha my new obsession.i accidentally ran into this one :)beautiful song.
  • cheers!
  • "Textures" is beautiful. I was blown away by it at first listen a few years ago, but the middle section of "Mirrors" is possibly my favorite moment in musical history. (Björk is amazing, by the way.)
  • @NM_chillandill, you could try cynic - textures
  • Not really.
  • Does any band have any songs similar to this one?
  • i love between the buried and me
  • Yeah reminds me of Cynic as well. Great song.
  • Radiohead + maudlin of the Well
  • shame the singer isnt better, great song instrumentally anyways
  • reminds me of a tarantino film or some shit
  • Sounds like Cynic. Nice song.
  • have they got any similar songs to this one?
  • BTBAMowns111... Your a moron
  • For the first couple of minutes, I thought I'd put Muse on by mistake. That doesn't make it bad though; far from it!
  • whats up with all this radiohead talk? mirrors>>>everything radiohead has ever created. btbam>life
  • holy shit <3
  • Not a big fan of Between the Buried and Me but this track is truly a treasure.
  • It brings me immediately into a super good mood.
  • just listened to this song fpr the first time... this is some truyl epic shit ! I love BTBAM .. they never stop to amaze me.
  • This is so relaxed but also energetic.
  • I could never get sick of this song.
  • Everyone grows but me...
  • This song is utterly incredible. I had to stop to catch my breath the first couple times I listened to it.
  • Lovely.
  • this is song contains some of the best composition btbam have done so far
  • I have never really been a between the buried and me fan but I really do like this song.


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