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  • Avatar di Eormenstan
    The sample at the end of the album in the track "...and you are but a thought" is from a stop-motion, claymation film called "Mysterious Stranger". Here is the scene that it was sampled from:
  • Avatar di Eormenstan
  • Avatar di ecartelement
    Terrible picture. The unknown band who is forcing this picture to be up should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Avatar di MiasmaRising
    I'm no longer in high-school/college, and I no longer have the time to sit in front of a computer to scour for music. I get my new music from two places: Encyclopedia Metallum and Pitchfork. They have TOTALLY opposite reviews when it comes to metal. However, they both seemed to agree on this. I checked it out on Pitchforks AOTY list, and while I agree it isn't the best thing to come out; this shit is OUTSTANDING. For fans of Weedeater/Neurosis.
  • Avatar di tricksterc
    Leichenhaus is the tits! Finally The End Records rejoins the rest of the world...about time.
  • Avatar di LouisCypher27
    Deathcore turned doom? Seriously???
  • Avatar di amitoj84
    here for the d00m
  • Avatar di IsaacMG
    shut the fuck up
  • Avatar di Promonex
    170x127 as official pic? Come on!
  • Avatar di Bereft73
    It is ridiculousness that you a. stole the name already in use, b. can't acknowledge that there was already another band with name and keep taking down our stuff I actually like your music, but try to be somewhat respectful.

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