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  • I've been to emo since 2011. Why haven't I heard this one before? I've been missing on so much.
  • Arguably my favorite emo band.
  • Anybody know of anything Michael Richardson is doing these days?
  • Lol at the bio saying Moneen were second generation emo. Eugh.
  • Awesome.
  • @Astrofriend I always used to say that too
  • When is the reunion? All the emo bands are doing it.
  • Guilt Beats Hate <3 i remembered nice times listened that album
  • great the hipsters have been attracted...
  • the cover of fighting starlight looks exactly like the cover of do you know who you are? by texas is the reason
  • what are these random tracks up on top tracks.. definitely not the REAL benton falls (for this week i mean)
  • back off, hipster
  • Nickelback
  • favorite emo band <3
  • no... really... where in the hell are you guys?! Been waiting for 10 years to know!
  • words are useless to express how much I love Fighting Starlight.
  • one of the best, ever
  • bagulho incrivelmente incrível. puta que pariu. :(
  • beautiful.
  • i love this band.
  • its been years since, still remembering the moment listening to those guys for the first time, beeing half-drunk on the highway, a friend drove the car and fighting starlight was running. I can remember how it felt, and it still gives me the feeling of that evening and always i listen to that record it all comes back. Great stuff.
  • beautiful music.
  • Dude, anyone know where I can find the lead singers, Michael K. Richardsons other project "Anvils?" I know he has a myspace but I want to buy the cd.
  • yep, best band ever
  • best.ever
  • great great great band. i used to live near santa clara
  • Great band!
  • underrated
  • Sad Like Winter Leaves breaks my fucking heart every time.
  • Swimming With You is a masterpiece.
  • Great band! Added some infos 'bout 'em. Greets.
  • Everyone! Our label, count your lucky stars, just released Fighting Starlight on vinyl for the first time ever! 2xLP baby!
  • seriously... i fucken love this band. words cant express the greatness
  • ._.
  • miss u guys... I just wowed x1fm with "sad like winter leaves." They loved it. :)
  • I wish Benton was still around. Fuuuuck. =|
  • oh this music is delicious
  • I just found out about this band yesterday, and They are fucking ridiculously amazing. Easily one of my favorite bands ever already.
  • Never gets old.
  • check out Anvils. It's also a side project of Micheal.
  • Fighting Starlight - top album of 2002.
  • влюблен.
  • amazing amazing amazing band
  • the music alone is beautifully sad and warm....
  • legend
  • fawking awesome. I'd love to see you guys back together!
  • If I had a lamp, and had 3 wishes. One would be for you guys to get back together. Unfortunately, I dont have a lamp, or a genie, I just have hope!


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