• Recommend me an artist

    Giu 29 2013, 17:19 di Dr_Nostromo

    Always looking for new stuff in the areas of progressive (from acoustic to metal), hard core metal and industrial. I like other things as well but don't recommend hip-hop, c&w or opera.

    Current bands to check out:

    Active Child (suggested by garynotrashcoug)
    The Gourishankar (suggested by iSkiapod)
    Elliott Smith (discovered through LaLoqueHumaine)
    Ava Inferi
    Teeth of the Sea (suggested by ProximityFuze)
    Laura (suggested by ProximityFuze)
    Antarctic (suggested by ProximityFuze)
    Ordinary Brainwash
    ...And the Earth Swarmed With Them (suggested by ProximityFuze)
    Good Weather for an Airstrike (suggested by ProximityFuze)
    The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (suggested by garynotrashcoug)
    Delusion Squared
    The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (suggested by garynotrashcoug)
    Bohren & der Club of Gore (suggested by garynotrashcoug)
    Thunderlip (suggested by max8455)
  • 2010.09.01 - Melvins @ The Opera House

    Set 3 2010, 1:53 di FinSquandrago

    Wed 1 Sep – Melvins

    I'm not usually much of an encore guy. I figure that if a band has gone to the trouble of rehearsing a block of songs for the end of their set, then they should pass on the "We're not gonna play any more unless you clap and cheer for a couple of minutes" routine and just fucking well play them. Last night's 90-ish-minute Melvins set was pretty darned good and, by conventional logic, that should have been enough.

    It had been a good ten years since their last trip to Toronto, though, and in a packed room that had waited even longer than that for the one-band show to get underway, Buzz & Co. could have gone home with everybody in the place convinced they were freakin' superheroes if they had been able to wring out another song or two after their goofy take on "Okie from Muskogee" ambled off into the sunset and the place erupted in cheers and fist-pumping. Instead, a little clutch of boffins came out to start breaking the gear down for the night…
  • solipsistic NATION No. 160: Decibel

    Set 25 2009, 7:35 di solipsisticast


    I've got yet another jam-packed edition of solipsistic NATION for you this week! We'll talk with Mad E.P. and O' Slick, Sean Horton from the Decibel Festival taking place in Seattle this weekend, mutantrumpeter Ben Neill, and Thesis from the Echodub collective record label. And of course I'll play you the best of all genres of electronic music!

    Mad E.P. is a crafty musician who jumps from genre to genre and yet somehow makes those genres his own, whether it's or . Mad E.P. and O' Slick join us to talk about their forthcoming collaborative album, Brimstone Bangers.

    As I mentioned, we'll also talk with Sean Horton, the founder of the Decibel Festival, a four-day annual music and arts festival dedicated to live electronic music, visual art and new media. The Decibel Festival began in 2004 and has been gathering momentum each year. This year's festival features more than 100 performers hailing from 10 countries in 14 venues across Seattle…
  • solipsistic NATION No. 54: Year One

    Set 7 2007, 9:13 di solipsisticast


    solipsistic NATION first aired on back in June of 2004 but I don’t think the show really took off until I started doing it as a podcast last September.

    Back when I was doing pirate radio I did a show but I found that I was playing so much electronic music that I thought it would be best for everyone if I a separate show that just focused on the and solipsistic NATION was born.

    In a sense, solipsistic NATION is still a freeform show and that was a deliberate move on my part. I love breakbeat, for example, but I would get bored very quickly if I had to play an hour of week after week.

    One of the things I love about electronic music is that it will cannibalize anything that comes across it’s way and then re-contextualize it into something new and exciting. So I decided not to not limit myself to just one genre of electronic music. Instead, I wanted to play only the very best from all genres of electronic music.