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Belle and Sebastian


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  • my son
  • A masterpiece.
  • I'm beyond happy that my "sounds like high school" album will always be Tigermilk.
  • Tigermilk na Popvictims
  • ok
  • listen to this when you're driving alone on the highway about midday
  • Holy shit. Murdoch was the photographer of the cover art. He was in the presence of absolute beauty!
  • root, 5th, root, 5th, electronic renaissance
  • Album so magnificent that I fear to listen to the others to not spoil the experience.
  • best best best album. definitely
  • the cover is so lovely
  • a capa mais linda de todos os tempos.
  • I love the cover.
  • incrivelmente viciante!
  • Their best.
  • I like the cover.
  • amazing album!
  • absolutely awesome. recorded over 3 days...
  • what a beautiful album <3.
  • I want to marry this album [2]
  • just lovely.
  • my favourite one. seven of these songs have a 5-star rating in my iTunes.
  • Their best, IMO.
  • One of my favourite albums of all time. Pure bliss!
  • what an album!
  • I believe it is Stuart's former girlfriend. He takes all the pictures used for album covers.
  • Who's the girl on the cover?
  • I want to marry this album
  • Imagine they still made albums this good :)
  • En estos momentos dos usuarios estamos intentando escuchar el disco en simultáneo en dos lugares del mundo diferentes... Toda una experiencia enfermita e inútil
  • This tracklist is messed up! How can we fix it?
  • someone should correct the tracklist!
  • A Simple Masterpiece.
  • I listened Expactations for the first time today, Man, my mouth went to the ground in between my legs,, dude that's the best song in the world, (besides stairway to heaven =P)
  • Listened to this on a trip to the mountains with some friends, and it fit in just perfect.
  • oh man 'expectations' is too good
  • hey, this is wonderful
  • qwapdjañKFM
  • i love it too much!
  • Fix the tracklist! Also, one of my favorite albums ever! :D
  • 6 - Could Be Dreaming, 7 - We Could Be Dreaming. WHAAAAAAAT?
  • i have the poster of this album on my wall. it just says "tigermilk" and has that picture. people think i'm very strange.
  • :)
  • this is my favourite album of all time Nothing better!
  • one of the best albums ever
  • Great album, great cover. :)
  • Well someone certainly fucked up the tracklist on this album.
  • There's not a bad song on this. My favorite.
  • wonderful album, their 2nd best i'd say...


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