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Ill Communication
Beastie Boys

Ill Communication

hip-hop · rap · 90s · 1994 · hip hop

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  • Third Communication... Oh wait.
  • One word: genuine. White boys lighting Hip-hop.
  • If it's gonna be that kind of party, I'm gonna stick my dick in the mash potatoes
  • I wore the tape out!
  • Definitely one of me favs of theirs...t7b
  • classic
  • soundtrack to my childhood.
  • Really dig the eclecticism here.
  • @venividivicious - "Too many instrumentals"? Nonsense. Brilliant album.
  • This album is really good, I like so much!!
  • gran Album !
  • Heart Attack Man is one of my favourite Beasties' tracks
  • The Beasties are as solid as ever...not as good as Paul's or Check though, I think there a few too many instrumentals...@johnnydepth76: The punk, especially Heart Attack Man, make this album for me!
  • I always thought the man on the album cover looked like Gorilla Monsoon.
  • Memories galore with this album. Though I could do without the punk excursions, the funk and jazz more than made up for it. This is a great album.
  • Free Death Set download track!
  • fat album#@^%^#
  • Very good album,like the diversification in it
  • Check this out! - The Death Set
  • fucking cool album
  • Best album ever [2]
  • Best album ever
  • 1994? Why the hell didn't I listen to this album when it came out? The horror ... the horror.
  • bestalbumintheworldseriously
  • milestone of my youth :)
  • masterpiece.
  • мне понравилось!
  • not enough hip hop.
  • the only hip hop album i've ever really liked
  • Just perfect!
  • this definitely IS tha phunky bb album imo
  • fuckin love em
  • best album EVER!
  • The illest white boys...
  • Such a great album, this reminds me of skipping school to play disc golf.
  • fantastico bomastico
  • How can it be that Sure Shot has the duration of 23:25 on my record?
  • This album was their pinnacle (imho)
  • 2nd best record after check your head... fuckin dope as hell
  • Groundbreaking
  • turn the bass up........WOAH!!!
  • This album got me way into Jimmy Smith.
  • one of my favs of all time. their best album.
  • This has a much wider range than their first album Licenced To Ill, the beats sound better, there's some punk thrown in, and the songs are more than just a looping beat and a sample from a Led Zeppelin song.
  • One of the most amazing albums ever. They break out from hip hop ghetto of boredom and just play MUSIC.
  • My favorite.
  • I didn't appreciate it as a young person buying it expecting another Liscense To Ill. But damn am I into it now.
  • Listen To Tunsi:


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