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  • Avatar di samiskywalker
    What a bass!
  • Avatar di 2ndPrimadonna
    berry guuud
  • Avatar di raffy_rillo
    The guitars. So good.
  • Avatar di mitchkrokodil
    The interlocking guitar riffs really play with your mind. There's all this tension of trying to discern one guitar part from another, and then this amazing resolve when the parts start working with one another. Just a really stand out track from Beach Fossils
  • Avatar di lioneljesse
    It's about high time someone develops a band or song with the word 'beach' in the title. Nice guitar, though.
  • Avatar di anarxoaplytos
    I don't know about you but nobody wants to share bad times (at least not all the time) because it is self-wearing and a self-wearing relationship is not healthy.
  • Avatar di CherryAtomic
    2:11 to the end. So pretty.
  • Avatar di HarrysonT
    The guitars. So good.
  • Avatar di thegoodsteer
    I think of the guitar riff whenever I walk by calyer st
  • Avatar di sbeau
    Go guitars, go!

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