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Una volta chiuse le esperienze dei Don Caballero e Storm & Stress, Ian Williams, apprezzato chitarrista fin dagli anni '90, inizia a registrare dei lavori che confluiscono in tre EP, in un secondo tempo ristampati dalla Warp nella raccolta Ep C - B Ep, col moniker Battles.

La band, che nasce dunque nel 2002, può a tutti gli effetti essere considerata un super-gruppo: ciascun membro, infatti, vanta un passato ed un curriculum…

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  • La Di Da Di is a top one, trully amazing.
  • New album is godlike! Need to let it simmer for a while before I flat out claim it their best.
  • I'm so excited i'm gonna see these guys live next year.
  • fuuuuck! i think i'll regret gravitating towards the back of their live show crowd rather than going all out in the front rows for a pretty long time to come, or at least until i can catch another live show of theirs so i can redeem myself from such an atrocious mistake. i underestimated how relentlessly visceral these guys' songs are, Stainer broke like 4+ drumsticks on this show alone lol
  • Fantastic last night! I prefer live sound with most bands and the new tracks sound great live. Longer 'Dot Com' buildup and Ian's intro part on 'Summer Simmer' sounds bassier and nice with a bit of distortion. FF Bada sounds great as well.
  • Can't wait to see what they do with the new material live. I've been following these guys since around the time of Mirrored, and have yet to see them.
  • These guys are incredible live.
  • i quite like this album but then i was never a huge battles fan anyway so WHO KNOWS if it's actually good or not
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Battles
  • You give a fuck what those hacks think? Pitchfork, how many them can actually play an instrument? I give them a 0.1/10

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