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  • creative, unique and wonderful sounds. cheers!
  • plz come to brazil
  • @almerindo_lana other way around for me. I'd say obsidian has much better songwriting and way more depth than cerulean, which is pleasant but a bit shallow. Just my two cents.
  • Cerulean is a piece of art, but Obsidian is so generic and dull that I'd say it's disgusting.
  • thx 4 bein so cute will ~ luv u bb
  • All of his live stuff is so much better than his recorded stuff. So much more emotion
  • @richlesbian How does Will creep you out?...
  • Ocean Death is so good. Both song and EP.
  • getting a real bonobo vibe from this dude, and i'm loving it
  • spectacular!
  • he creeps me out
  • can't wait for a new album or EP
  • I wish will was my boyfriend.
  • Just discovered Baths' music and listened to the whole discography in one night, now i'm addicted ♥♥♥
  • "go gay" honestly
  • @petitsagittaire- thank you for that
  • "go gay"
  • [url=]Baths Demos[/url].
  • good god i wish i wasn't straight
  • I can feel myself gradually turning into a hipster again. Darn you catchy lo-fi electronic music and bespectacled, bearded men.
  • Realized today Baths is my favorite artist. I have a group of "favorites" but Baths is the artist I listen to nearly everyday, under any emotion and state of mind. No favorite track, no "bad" tracks.
  • I'd go gay for you will
  • plea
  • Why do we have to wait till 8th of October to have 'Disorderly' released ;( :(
  • Disorderly is the jam.
  • I feel like Will is the only musician I've ever had... "romantic feelings" for. I rarely form personal, emotional connections to the actual musicians making the music, I feel like that kind of thinking can really cloud your judgement. I love Grimes and Twigs and MC Ride and Travis Egedy, and I acknowledge that they are excruciatingly attractive human beings, but I'm not the type to think about it further than that. But Will Wiesenfeld really just breaks through that arm's length that I keep myself at. It's like I can imagine a life with him, or someone like him, in which we live in a Seaside Town and make music together, and he sings to me in falsetto and lets me sleep in past noon and lays with me when I'm too stoned to get dressed. I dunno. Thoughts like this creep me out, but also it's one of the most vivid and clear emotions I've ever gotten from music.
  • @JeffRawrs, since people started realising he's a fucking GENIUS!!
  • when did baths get so popular
  • NICE
  • <3
  • main forever
  • Нормально.
  • cutie :3
  • It might just be my opinion but I feel like this guy has the capability and potential to be responsible for a lot in modern music
  • wow
  • Shit, Ocean Death is great.
  • Ocean Death
  • Чудесен!
  • Incompatible is perfect [2]
  • Incompatible is perfect
  • ну и ладушки
  • okean .
  • Hot dayum.
  • When Will performs Ocean Death live, he gets INTO it, even screaming at points. I wish some of that intensity would have transferred over into the studio, but the recording seems timid. That being said I love the EP, Will can do no wrong. Brilliant as always.
  • New album is fuckin amazing! little bit darker than the previous albums but wonderful
  • ocean death is good


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