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  • Avatar di Smoothmetz
    Love Basia! Love the colorful and FULL harmonies. Let's not forget Danny White.
  • Avatar di I-REF
    Just what I needed to brighten a Monday morning. Thanks Basia!!
  • Avatar di PuzzledCostya
  • Avatar di music4u2love good friend said I should hug an olive tree........though i'm a famous skeptic, feet on the ground, this time i wanted this to be picture this: a silly polish girl in nice embracing trees wishing for you!
  • Avatar di schodl2
    What a wicked rhythm in the chorus - love it
  • Avatar di marciooo
    oliwkowe drzewo może spełnić twe marzenia...
  • Avatar di spinningcannon
    Such a feel-good song. The melody is fantastic.
  • Avatar di MikeGuitarman1
    I think this recording is excellent. Basia sings with duende (soul...spirit). It is so easy to feel love for her; even though we do not know her. Funny how that is. It's a nice feeling.
  • Avatar di kentwong2005
    I crazy for you,Basia,my love!


One day, while in the south of France,
My good friend said I should hug an olive tree,
She claimed that dreams come true when you do, but
Can a plant be in any way that beneficial to me?

Testo di Basia - An Olive Tree


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