• More new CDs!!!

    Ott 7 2006, 15:35 di Televiper

    It's Thanksgiving Day weekend up here in the Great White North of Canada. Totally not interested in the 14h bus ride back up to my home town of Sault Ste. Marie, even if it does involve turkey so I'm staying home to relax. You know, get all my laundry done, buy some CDs, some beer, some pie, maybe sand my walls, maybe write that VHDL code I've been meaning to write. I decided to start my weekend off by making my trip to the CD shop on friday night. I picked up quite a few things this week. I even had my eMusic renewal come in... So more new music than I know what to do with and excuse me if I teeter off and write practically nothing about some things...

    Now Is the Time!
    Polysics or Die!!!!
    Someone on the Emusic forum posted this link to Domoarigato Mr. Roboto (YouTube) and I eventually found the video for I My Me Mine (formerly on YouTube hehe) which reminded me that I had not picked up a Polysics album in some time. Compared to Hey Bob My Friend and NEU these two are a lot more radio friendly. …